HyunA's letter to Cube Entertainment revealed after her departure from the label

Jun Ko, Oct. 16, 2018, 11:40 a.m.

HyunA's letter to Cube Entertainment was released by Korean news media Hyundae News on October 15th. The letter was revealed, following her departure from the label and provides insight into her situation while she was still a part of the label: 

"To: CEO Shin Dae Nam

As you probably know, I have done nothing to Cube Entertainment, other than giving my very best for the company. 

First of all, when I departed JYP Entertainment, I was on the side of Chairman Hong. Secondly, when there was a conflict between Chairman Hong and President Park Choong Min, I took the side of Chairman Hong. Thirdly, when Cube Entertainment went public, I have done my very best to help Cube Entertainment become the label that it is today. 

I don't know the extend of my crime, but since September began, my schedule was wiped clean. Then I heard the news of my removal from Cube Entertainment on Spetember 13th. I could have been told this in person, but I had to read about my removal through the news. I received the notice of the early cancellation of my contract that would occur after a final discussion on September 16th. I have been notified that there would be a meeting with the stockholders and that I would be receiving the results of the meeting, but I have been told nothing. Things are being delayed with excuse after excuse, despite us being in the same building. 

It's come to the point that everyday has become tortorous to me. I have been waiting for the past two months and I find it difficult to wait any longer. I ask that you give me a response by the 15th. Additionally, I would like for my contract to be cancelled in a clean way. If I receive no response by the 15th, I will take my own actions through a press conference and give the facts of everything that has happened so far. I have done my very best for this company, to the point that I disregarded my own health. Despite this, my image had hit rock bottom and my reputation has been tarnished due to my removal from Cube Entertainment. 

If you hold any memories of my time with Cube Entertainment, I ask that you resolve this issue in an amicable manner. May Cube Entertainment experience continuous and endless growth. Thank you.

From, HyunA (10.04.2018)

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