HyunA’s Rehearsals Got Heechul To Get Up During The Middle Of The Night To Watch It!

Grace Koo, May 5, 2017, 10:06 a.m.

Wait what!? Recently during the variety show “Lipstick Prince 2” live on OnStyle, Triple H’s very own HyunA, Hui, and E’Dawn were the special guests on the show! During the segment, Heechul claimed that during his promoting years, he would get up when he was sleeping to go watch the practice sessions of HyunA’s concerts!

Heechul later added that, when artists are set to perform with HyunA during music shows, which air weekly, when HyunA’s time to rehearse comes up, a lot of KPOP stars would rush to the pit in order to see her perform live. This is such a great honor for the superstar as she has fans even in the KPOP industry itself.

Check out the segment below!

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