Hyundai Chairwoman Granted Visit To North Korea’s Mt. Kumgang

luvsmiling, Aug. 1, 2014, 10:24 a.m.

Hyundai Group chairwoman Hyun Jeong Eun has been granted permission to visit North Korea’s Mt. Kumgang to attend a memorial service for Hyun's late husband.  She will be joined by about 20 other Hyundai executives. 

The group will include the CEO of ill-fated tour operator Hyundai Asan, Cho Kun-shik, whose business has dried up since package tours to the North were suspended.  "The government approved Hyundai's application to visit Mt. Kumgang," a Unification Ministry official said on Thursday. "Hyundai has no plan to meet North Korean officials there other than those attending the memorial service."

Hyun last went to Mt. Kumgang last August to mark the death of her husband, who is respected in the North due to his ties with former dictator Kim Jong-il.  Hyun is expected to tour her company's shuttered facilities and return in the afternoon of the same day. 

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