Hyundai Focuses On the Future of Motor Vehicles

David Lee, Oct. 14, 2015, 9:18 a.m.

Teams from Hyundai Motor Group have suggested various ideas about the future of motor vehicles. From automobile advancements to augmented reality (AR), Hyundai researchers are dreaming big as they envision future transportation.

On October 13, the ’2015 R&D Idea Festival’ was held at Hyundai’s Namyang research center. Teams of four to seven researchers worked together to suggest new ideas for future transportation and actually develop them. The results of the various means of transportation that were developed were displayed at the event.

The theme this year was ‘Companionship for a better future’. A total of 10 teams moved on to the finals after a preliminary screening.

The winner was a team called ‘You Can Concert’. The team created an instrumental car in which riders can tap or hit certain parts of the vehicle to make sounds. Tapping the steering wheel or the back seats makes drum noises, and keyboards can be played through an electrical pad located by the passenger seat.

The team explained where they got the idea of instruments. “Sometimes we tap the steering wheel when we are frustrated during driving. That’s where we got the idea. We thought it would be nice if instrumental sounds were created when we tapped various surfaces of the vehicle. We think it would be a great feature for families with kids.”

Ideas to help the disabled or third world countries were also suggested. Projects included ‘Life Zeppelin’, an airship that prevents desertification, ‘Solar Dream’, which uses solar energy, and ‘The Whole Body Dissatisfaction Car’ for the disabled, which can be driven using only head movements.

‘Driving Expansion’ allowed for the addition of virtual structures to the actual environment using AR, while ‘Avatar Drive’ makes remote driving possible as a person controlling a car feels and experiences the same things that a person in the car would feel and experience, through technology using virtual reality (VR) and Internet-of Things (IoT).

In addition, various ideas regarding families with infants and children were suggested, such as an electric trailer that can also serve as a stroller and bicycle, or an active car seat that suits both a driving parent and a child.

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