Hyundai to Release New Sonata LF for Pre-Order

kpopluv, March 5, 2014, 2:17 p.m.

Hyundai has just offered the world a sneak preview at their Sonata sedan design. The LF Sonata is ready to hit showrooms at the end of March. Their LF model is said to overtake the previous YF model, introduced in 2009, but a long shot.  Set to hit showrooms March 24th, the automaker wanted to show off all of their efforts they put into this new model.

The company conducted a collision test with the LF, only to demonstrate what they claim are enchanted safety features. Following a frontal collision at 64 km/h, the driver’s seat and front doors only suffered minor damage. "This is the first time we have conducted a crash test even before the official launch of a new model," stated a spokesman.

The new LF weights roughly 45kg more than their previous YF, weighing in at 1,469, but the spokesman did mention that the vehicle is still lighter than competitor models at Honda, Toyota, and GM.

In addition to its light weight, the LF includes improved shock absorbers, more km to the liter, and additional engine models such as a 2.4L, diesel, and hybrid versions. Included in their new safety program, Hyundai has added airbags to deploy on the drivers knees in case of a frontal collision.

The new LF will cost a little more than the previous YF, but with all the features available on the new model, it seems that the price will be well worth it. 

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