Identity of “Space Beauty Maetel” Revealed on “King of Masked Singer”

AJ Lee, Jan. 25, 2016, 3:53 p.m.

The January 24th broadcast of “King of Masked Singer” showed a close battle between Space Beauty Maetel and Searching for Mom Cheol Yi. The two performed Travel Sketch’s “Destiny” as a duet during their first round, and the MC’s began to make their picks on what their true identity was. BTOB’s Yook Sungjae took a guess that Space Beauty Maetel was A Pink’s Namjoo, but Kim Gura quickly dismissed his guess by stating that she had previously already made an appearance on the show.

After the performance Yook Sungjae stated, “I’m the MC of a music show, so I see a lot of singers. Considering the way she gestures with her hands as she sings, she must be Red Velvet’s Wendy.” Yook Sungjae was then immediately teased of trying to shamelessly plug in an advertisement for the show “We Got Married”, where he appeared with Wendy’s group member Joy.

Space Beauty Maetel then lost the round, and performed her final song “Late Regret” by Bobo, preparing to remove her mask during the performance. Upon the mask lifting, it looks like Yook Sungjae was correct, and it really was Red Velvet’s Wendy!

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