Idol groups awarded at this years ‘2018 Asia Model Awards’

Samantha Diaz, May 7, 2018, 9:49 a.m.

Favorite idol groups were given an award for the ‘2018 Asia Model Awards’ which include BTOB, NU’EST W, G-Friend, UNB and other well known celebrities. It was the 13th annual ‘Asia Model Festival’ that took place in Seoul Monday with the final day being the awards. Idols were given an invitation to attend the awards by their influence with fashion, modeling, style, and entertainment. It was no surprise that Nine Muses’ Kyung Li, After School’s Nana, and 2AM’s Jinwoon were among the idols invited.

Take a look at the awardees below!

Asia Star Award Models- Han Hye Jin

Asia Star Award Singers- BTOB

Rising Stars- Lee Yi Kyung

New Stars- Jo Tae Kwan, Kim Min Gyu, Pyo Ye Jin, Han Bo Reum/UNB, fromis_9/Lime

Popular Stars- Park Jung Min, Nana/NU’EST W, G-FRIEND

Fashionists- Jinwoon, Kyung Li

Creators of the Year- Bokyeom, Ak-uh (Crocodile), Jannon

The winners were very grateful for their awards. They had thanked their fans and those who appreciate their work and recognized them for what they enjoy doing.

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