Idols battle each other on ‘Master Key’!

Yumi Kim , Oct. 30, 2017, 9:44 a.m.

EXID’s Hani and 2PM’s Chansung battled each other on ‘Master Key’. During a small segment of the show, idols had to battle each other. EXID’s Hani became the only remaining player for her team. The opposing team had two players in the game which included 2PM’s Chansung and Lee Elijah. To begin, Hani had a fair match with Lee Elijah but Hani took that victory, until it was Chansung’s turn which resulted in him beating her. The cast of the show jokingly criticized Chansung for playing a bit rough but he defended himself by saying that he had to do it as Hani is a big competitor.

Check out the funny clip above!


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