iKON fans announce boycott of YG and YG responds

Jessica Lee, Aug. 17, 2017, 10:26 a.m.

Fans of iKON, also known as iKONICS, are fed up with YG Entertainment's handling of the group's activites and have announced a boycott of purchasing iKON goods. YG Entertainment has released a response to the announcement of the boycoot.

Fans have been disappointed with the lack of domestic promotions that the group has had and other events that have been continually cancelled. They have decided to announce a boycott. 

The announcement reads, "We are iKONIC, fans of YG Entertainment's group iKON. After the group debut on September 15, 2015, YG Entertainment has displayed a continuously problematic treatment of iKON.

Among the many issues of mistreatment, one that stands out the most is the intense schedules the members had to partake in that did not factor in their well-being. Another is the amount of overseas promotions outnumber the amount of Korean promotions while most Korean promotions were continually canceled. Their image managment was also non-existent with no improvement in styling. We drafted an 18-page protest that took a lot of our time and effort from June 17 to July 20. We sent the work to YG Entertainment by fax, email, physical mail, and SNS. We requested a response by August 11 but we have yet to receive a sincere answer from the company. 

On July 30, YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Sik posted a shocking post on SNS. He wrote, 'Concerns about IKON are useless! Wait until September and October...Those are the days where we will laugh happily.' When we saw that post, we could only laugh emptily. A protest that we had spent a month crafting was easily dismissed as 'useless.' He talked about September and October but those are the dates for the Japanese tour. We couldn't help but be angry at being told those were 'the days where we will laugh happily.'

He also made the mistake of stylizing iKON as IKON and nothing about the post was a proper response to our protest. The SNS post was deleted two hours later and we did not receive a response on August 11. We thought of friendly ways to solve issues in regards to the image management of our favorite group but the label did not heed our plea. In response, we have decided boycott all YG goods, including the 'iKON SUMMERTIME SEASON 2 IN BALI' DVD out on August 23. 

We will continue this boycoot until we get a proper response from the label."

YG Entertainment has issued a response to the boycott and say that fans have misunderstood their intentions about iKON. 

They told Star Today, "iKON released an album in May and are preparing their new album as well as solo albums. This boycott happened because fans have misunderstand how we're handling iKON." 

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