iKON gives a memorable performance at the '2019 Myongji University Festival' despite audio issues

Jun Ko, May 14, 2019, 5:16 p.m.

On May 15th, iKON performed at the '2019 Myongji University Festival'! However, problems arose before and during their stage at the festival. Prior to the start of the festival, students of the university had filed complaints to the student government, stating that it was inappropriate to have one of YG Entertainment's artists perform at their festival as the label was currently surrounded with huge controversies. However, their appearance at the label was not cancelled. Instead, the student government had apologized for their lack of caution and clarified that they held no intention of supporting the label through their invitation to iKON.

Even though one issue seemed to be more or less resolved, the group faced technical difficulties during their performance. They experienced audio troubles, their microphones becoming unfunctional while on stage.

Despite the performance being stopped from issues, iKON kept their cool while the stage crew attempted to find out the cause. Bobby had first informed the audience for the audio difficulties. 

During the wait, iKON had entertained the audience by providing fan service through selfies with cellphones from the audience. 

The stage crew figured out a part of the error as one of the microphones started functioning once more. Undeterred from only having one microphone, iKON performed by passing the functioning microphone to each other, making for an interesting performance. 

However, they faced technical errors once more as the music cut off. However, they still kept their cool and entertained the crowd with their antics. Laughter filled the audience when Bobby was urged to sing without any backing sounds. Additionally, B.I took the spotlight by rapping PSY's 'Champion'. 

Unfortunately, the stage crew was unable to fix the audio issues until the end of iKON's allotted time. However, despite the issues, iKON still left an impression on the audience by maintaining their cool as well as entertaining them with their quick thinking. 

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