iKON reveals the backstory to 'Goodbye Road' and 'Love Scenario' on 'Weekly Idol'

Jun Ko, Oct. 12, 2018, 11:10 a.m.

iKON made an appearance as the guests for the October 10th episode of MBC Every1's 'Weekly Idol'! During their time on the program, iKON revealed some details behind 'Love Scenario' and 'Goodbye Road'. B.I revealed that 'Goodbye Road' was a track that he had been working on, even before his debut, and named the song to be the opposite of a flower road. 

Kim Dong Hyuk then revealed how 'Love Scenario' was a song that almost ended up being cut due to 'Goodbye Road': "B.I showed 'Goodbye Road' and 'Loe Scenario' at the same time to our boss Yang Hyun Suk. He preferred 'Goodbye Road' and didn't give his approval on 'Love Scenario'. They were competing against each other and 'Love Scenario' almost ended up not being released because of his decision." 

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