iKON will have their very first fansign event!!!!

Michelle Cho, June 1, 2017, 3:11 p.m.

K-pop sensation, iKon is finally having their first ever fansign event since their debut. June 3 will be a memorable day for iKONICS  attending iKON’s first fansign meet. The event will take place at the atrium in Jamsil Lotte Mall and at IFC Mall North Atrium in Yeouido on the 4th.

Fans who bought iKON’s albums at M2U Record Jamsil Lotte World Mall within the dates of May 31 to June 2 were able to enter  a raffle to win tickets to the fansign event. Others who purchased the album at Young Poong Books at IFC Mall in Yeouido from June 1 to June 3 were able to enter as well.

In addition, during a recent interview with Ikon expressed their excitement about their first event stating, "We want to meet our fans, who have long-awaited for us, more up close and frequently."

Congratulation to iKON! 

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