In South Korea, Drones Are Taking Over More Human Jobs

Michael Song, Sept. 21, 2015, 9:43 a.m.

Drones mounted with high definition cameras are being used in many fields, and this time they have been put into use to manage golf courses. Asiad Country Club in Busan enlisted drones to help manage its golf course. Officials at the club anticipate that the drones will be able to record the condition of areas that people cannot easily access.

“We expect that drones could play a new role in managing golf courses, as they will be able to verify environmental conditions, and help prepare for natural disasters like typhoons, heavy rain and fires. If any problems occur, drones can go to the problem areas to quickly assess the damages. That way we can take better actions for damage control.”

In the meantime, drones are also being tested at Haeundae Beach. They will fly along the coastline to spot toxic jellyfish, large waves, and monitor beachgoers’ safety. They will also be able to help swimmers in distress by providing lifebelts.


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