Indie Designer Debuts Line Of Modernized Traditional Garments

Matt Maraia , April 24, 2018, 2:28 p.m.

Up and coming designer, Suzie Kim, has announced a new project called HANNU, in which she strives to combine traditional Korean garments along with some "Upper East Side" attitude we see in fashion trends throuhout New York's world renowned fashion scene. Over the last several years, the fashion industry, as a whole, has been slammed for being one of the most wasteful and pollutive industries on the planet. In an effort to help minimize her footprint, Suzie is taking steps to craft each piece in such a way to cut down on her brand's waste.

We're looking forward to seeing more from HANNU in the future, the initial collection of pieces are absolutely gorgeous, with such a minimal feel to it. The shoot was styled incredibly well, detailing exactly how to pull it off in the streets. Take a look at the photoset, shot by Andy Ngo (died.trying) and Daniel (nn00rrii), which was modeled by Jenna Suhl (jsxxhl). Stop by HANNU's site to read more about the brand and to watch the lookbook video for the collection. 

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