Individual Profile Images revealed for upcoming actor group SURPRISE U

Richard Kim , June 30, 2017, 10:29 a.m.

Fantagio is releasing an all new actor group called SURPRISE U soon! This group will be the younger brother group of 5urprise, and to begin their promotions, Fantagio has released the members' individual teasers in anticipation for their debut showcase. The members of SURPRISE U include Kim Hyun Seo, Yoon Jung Hyuk, Eun Hae Sung, Ji Gun Woo, and Cha In Ha. 

Their profile images feature them in white shirts and casual denims giving them a very fresh and crisp feel. 

Their debut showcase will be on July 7th and fans can anticipate the reveal of their first mini album and their first web drama.

Check out their handsome individual profiles below! 

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