"Infinite Challenge" will return to broadcast

Jessica Lee, Nov. 13, 2017, 3:30 p.m.

After it was announced that the head of MBC, Kim Jang Gyum, would be removed from his position, the staff of "Infinite Challenge" announced that they are currently in discussion to resume filming and put out new episodes even though the official broadcast date has yet to be confirmed. 

"First, we'd like to apologize and we are grateful to all the viewers who've been patiently waiting for our return. We haven't confirmed an official broadcast date yet but we are discussing when we can return to film new episodes. At the moment, the MBC variety show department is having a meeting. Thank you."

The general strike against MBC is coming to a close after 71 days. Other MBC programs are expected to return to broadcast. MBC had formed a general strike alongside KBS but KBS' strike has yet to cease. Employees at both companies are disappointed at the lack of freedom they have as they have to report to the government's wishes. Discontent began when Park Geun-hye's scandal was reported by other cable news programs, but broadcast TV stations were not allowed to say a word. 

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