Infinite talk about their future with The Star

Angela Jung , Oct. 24, 2016, 9:32 a.m.

Seven-member boy band Infinite recently shot a pictorial for the November issue of celebrity style and fashion magazine, The Star. Following the photoshoot, the members had a candid interview where they spoke about Infinite‘s future. 

Infinite’s leader Sung-kyu said, “Were no longer young idols anymore. We have to work much harder now. I really hope we can stand on a stage as Infinite in 10 years’ time too.”  Sung-yeol said, “We used to argue and fight a lot but now we’re like family. We know what each other is thinking and feeling just by each other’s eyes. That’s how we were able to overcome the seven-year idol jinx.”

For the full photoshoot and interview, check out the November issue of The Star.

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