INFINITE's L Makes Christmas Wishes Come True at Orphanage for Disabled Children

Songee Kim, Dec. 22, 2015, 1:07 p.m.

INFINITE's L is known to be an absolute sweetie, and if you've seen him on variety programs where he's worked with children, you'll know that he's an absolute natural with kids! It was recently reported that the handsome singer visited the 'Hansarang Village', a home for orphans with disabilities.

The INFINITE member made his way to the orphanage on a cold day, not too long after returning from Japan - and it wasn't his first time! 'Dispatch' reports that the boy group as a whole frequently volunteer at the orphanage, sans the cameras. In regards to publicizing his visit this time around, L explained, "Actually, I hesitated [at first]. Whether I'm doing volunteer work too uproariously or not, if I can let people know the current situation of these disabled children by using my small popularity, [then] there could be more helping hands received for them," sharing his concern for the need of more volunteers.

L appeared at 'Hansarang Village' with the intent to make some Christmas wishes come true for the kids he's been working with. This visit, L was in charge of 'Rebekah' room, where he worked with seven disabled children. 'Rebekah' room is also known to consist of children who require the most attention and assistance.

The singer-turned-actor made his visit dressed as Santa and a Christmas tree in hand. He played with the kids, made funny faces (while still looking extremely handsome!), fed them, and even sang to them. A teacher from the 'Rebekah' room shared, "Children here know INFINITE very well because the members come to volunteer whenever they have time. Also, Sungyeol recently made a stop with his brother and played with the children a few days ago. They treat the children as though they're their brother, and not a star."

After spending a busy day with the kids at 'Hansarang', L expressed the bittersweetness of his goodbye, promising to come back again soon with the other members. It was reported that the generous singer individually donated 5 million won (an estimated $4,267 USD) for the children's treatment, along with a handwritten letter. This isn't the first account of L's generosity, as he's been making donations frequently, along with filming a campaign video for 'Green Umbrella Foundation' for free last year.

Head of sponsorship Choi Geum Sook shared, "I've been working at 'Hansarang Village' for 7 years, and INFINITE is the only celebrity who visits here [...] They have sincerity in their hearts. Thank you so much for this donation." Lastly, L commented, "'Hansarang Village' is a place where more helping hands are required than other types of shelters. I hope the children can play, eat, and be raised in a better environment. Please give more attention to marginalized children."

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