INFINITE's Sungyeol tells his fans not to worry in his handwritten letter

Jun Ko , March 22, 2019, 10:59 a.m.

On March 22nd, INFINITE's Sungyeol shared a handwritten letter and a photo of himself with the standard military cut on his Instagram before his enlistment in the military. Sungyeol was announced to head in for his military service, starting March 26th. 

"Hello, this is INFINITE's Sungyeol. I'm writing this letter because I thought it was the right way to speak to you all. I'm going to the army on March 26th! You probably knew that since yesterday; you were surprised, right? I'm sure that there are some who are worried about me, but you don't have to worry. I'm confident that I can do well.

It's been nine years since I made my debut as a member of INFINITE and we've been through a lot since then, right? The day our INSPIRITs for their name, out first fanmeeting, our first music show win, and our first concert! I'll hold all of these happy memories I made with all of you in my heart and I'll be healthy during my service! To be honest, it hasn't really hit me yet. I'm not used to having short hair, so I feel awkward with it. But I'm sure that you and I will get used to it, right?

I'm going to miss you a lot. The love that I've received from all of you is precious and irreplaceable. INSPIRITs, who I wouldn't trade for the world, thank you so much for always staying by INFINITE's side! I love you. I'll stay healthy while I'm in the army, so our INSPIRITs, you should also do your best, stay healthy, and have fun, okay? Promise! 

P.S. Worry for me only a little bit. If you worry about me too much, I'm going to stay in the army." 

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