Infinite’s Woohyun shares bucket list

Angela Jung, Feb. 6, 2017, 10:20 a.m.

Infinite’s Woohyun

Infinite’s Woohyun made a V Live broadcast from his bed Sunday to update his fans on what he and other members are doing. During the live broadcast, Woohyun said the group was putting a lot of effort into acting.

“Hoya and L are starring in dramas nowadays, and Sunggyu and Dongwoo are also on stage for musicals,” Woohyun said. “For me, I’m shooting a sitcom.” 

He also shared his bucket list with fans. 

His first wish is to produce an album full of his own true stories. 

“When I released my solo album, some tracks did include my stories but not all of them,” he told the viewers, and elaborated on his wish to produce the entire tracks in an album. 

The second wish in the bucket list is to “have conversations with as many people as possible,” Woohyun said. 

“I know it sounds like nothing special, but I always find it amusing to listen to both happy stories and worries of others. In that way, I can get to know each other better.” 

Woohyun added that he is shy of strangers at first, but he can be friendly after exchanging a few words. 

The biggest plan of his included to have his own concert home, big enough to invite 200 to 500 fans. “I’d like to talk to my fans and share thoughts as much as I like to sing and dance in front of them,” he said. 

Earlier last year, Woohyun made his debut as a solo artist after participating in K-drama industry. He starred in a Webtoon-based movie, “Mondang Branch School Olympics” last year and KBS2’s drama series, “Hi! School-Love On” a year earlier. 

In 2014, Woohyun also debuted as a duo singer with SHINee’s Key. 


K-pop girl group April held a fan meeting in Daejeon, and said hello to both fans and viewers of Naver’s V app while broadcasting from the event. The members said that they planned to hold similar events all around the country.

New member Chaekyung said “We always thank you guys for the love we receive.” Chaekyung formerly rose to fame on the Mnet audition show “Produce 101” and has recently joined April to become its sixth member.

The group has dropped its third EP “Prelude” last month, its first album release since changing members.

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