Infinity Challenge Cancels USA Trip Abruptly After Jack Black’s Account is Hacked

Nicholas Kim, June 6, 2016, 8:11 a.m.

The cast of Infinity Challenge cancelled their plans for the United States with no announcement or explanation, and fans are confused and wondering what is going on. There was a fake status update made on Tenacious D’s official Twitter account stating that Jack Black had passed away, which turned out to be a prank by a hacker.


The timing was a little too coincidental, and many fans have been wondering if the cast of Infinity Challenge really cancelled due to the false information. There are currently even more ridiculous claims being made, with some stating that Jack Black himself made it all up in order to try and get away from having to meet with the cast of Infinity Challenge.


MBC currently has not made any announcements or confirmation, and there is no concrete answers as of yet. Stay tuned here at for more updates!

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