"Infinity Challenge" Cast Will Visit Uninhabited Island for 10th Anniversary Special

Sensitive Artist, April 29, 2015, 9:56 a.m.

The MBC show "Infinity Challenge" will be taking it to the next level for the second part of their "Uninhabited Island 2015" special. The cast members will test their survival skills on a deserted island for the extreme episode for the popular variety show.

With "Infinity Challenge" will celebrate their 10th anniversary soon, and staff members asked viewers which episode that they would like to see again, and the viewers decided on "Uninhabited Island 2015". The first special had the cast members all wearing suits and heading over to the island.

The second special will even have more to offer their fans with a multitude of challenges ranging from picking coconuts to even more hardcore events. Be sure to check out the episode which airs on May 2nd at 6:25 PM KST!

You heard it here at Koogle.tv!

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