'Infinity Challenge' Producer Discusses Noh Hong Chul's Future

thekatsmeow, Sept. 3, 2015, 9:29 a.m.

It's been reported that comedian and TV personality Noh Hong Chul may not be returning to 'Infinity Challenge' in the near future. After the '42nd Korean Broadcasting Awards' held on September 3rd, 'Infinity Challenge' producer Kim Tae Ho partook in a short interview with OSEN regarding the matter.

The producer was asked whether Noh Hong Chul would be returning to the popular variety show, to which he answered, "I doubt that we'll be able to work together [again]. First and foremost, Noh Hong Chul himself does not have a desire to return [to 'Infinity Challenge']."

Kim Tae Ho made it clear that public opinion was a major deciding factor in Noh Hong Chul's case, commenting, "This is definitely not something that I can decide on my own. Personally, I think that he must be granted the fans' and society's blessing to return."

TV personality and 'Infinity Challenge' cast member Noh Hong Chul was shunned by the public after a controversial DUI incident back in November of 2014, leading him to go on hiatus from all his broadcasting programs, including 'Infinity Challenge'.

Do you think Noh Hong Chul should be allowed to return to the small screen?

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