Inside Scoop On Seo In Young's Departure From 'With You 2'

Olivia Jung, Jan. 19, 2017, 9:35 a.m.

An individual from the production team of 'With You 2' discussed the reasoning behind Seo In Young's departure from the show.

It was reported that the main reason for the departure spawns from the notion that Seo In Young and Crown J decided they would remain friends. However, an insider from the production staff shared footage of Seo In Young cursing and shared that the producers had a hard time with Seo In Young due to her overbearring demands.

It is said that filming was extremely difficult for the staff member. Seo In Young would only care about herself. She wasn't able to ride Business Class on plane rides, while also departing early during filming, leaving her hair/make up stylists. 

Check out the footage of her cursing below!

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