Instagram Launches New Advertising Service ‘Instagram Korea’

Kyung Ho Kim, Nov. 6, 2015, 8:34 a.m.

Instagram, the social networking service that lets users share pictures and videos, introduced a new advertising service at a marketing event called ‘Instagram in Korea’. The company recently introduced various types of advertisements such as pictures and videos, slides, and action-inducing ads for the first time in Korea.

At the event, tips on how to use Instagram in marketing and advertising based on understanding the tendencies of domestic users were shared. According to a survey Instagram conducted with the market research organization TNS, the portion of real life friends among followers was 50%. This means that ‘interest’ is more important than ‘friendship’ when following someone on Instagram.

Furthermore, traffic was similar at different points during the day, indicating that use of the app was not restricted by time or place. The way most people communicated was by following an account (68 percent). ‘Liking’ (64 percent) ranked second, followed by ‘posting a picture’ (55 percent), ‘using hash tags’ (46 percent), ‘commenting’ (45 percent) and ‘posting a video’ (25 percent).

Korean users picked the key words ‘inspiration’, ‘trend’ and ‘high quality’ as the differential values of Instagram.  In addition, users showed great loyalty as Instagram is a place where one can solely concentrate on ‘me’, and people are connected by what they are interested in.

The statistics were an overall report of the results of an online survey conducted with the participation of 1,246 users and contents of a symposium that was held with heavy users.

Lee Ju-won, an official from Marketing Science, commented that users were recognizing Instagram as an effective marketing platform where one can get plentiful information on brands. “If marketers approach users with creative high quality images, it would be a very effective form of advertising.”

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