International Aid for North Korea Diminishes to 1/10th From 10 Years Ago

luvsmiling, Dec. 10, 2014, 9:39 a.m.

International aid to North Korea amounted to a mere US$30 million last year, just one-tenth of what it was ten years ago.  A report released by the Korea Development Institute on Tuesday noted decreased global awareness following the North's nuclear tests and a drop in aid by key donor countries, namely Japan, South Korea and the United States.

International aid to the Stalinist country peaked in 2002 at around $360 million only to hit rock bottom -- $24 million -- in 2010 after its second nuclear test the year before.  The report said international aid to the North is declining not only in volume but also in the number of donor countries, largely in part to Pyongyang's lack of transparency about its food distribution system and the health of its people.


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