I.O.I’s Kim So Hye Sets Uo Own Label to Promote Under

Hyo Kyung Kim, June 21, 2016, 9:01 a.m.

I.O.I contestant Kim So Hye has set up her own label to promote her music promotions called S&P Entertainment. On June 21, S&P Entertainment announced, "Kim So Hye, who is currently promoting as a member of IOI, needed a label to support her career in the near future, and therefore, S&P Entertainment was established. As of now, Kim So Hye will focus on IOI's first subunit promotions. No specific schedules after the subunit are confirmed as of yet. However, we will carefully consider all the good opportunities offered. Over everything, we will consider her opinion as the top priority, and we'll work our best to not affect IOI's promotions." 

Kim So-hye was born on July 19, 1999. She represented RedLine Entertainment on Produce 101, but is now under S&P Entertainment, a company she created in June 2016 to manage her activities as an idol.

Coming from an acting company, she was training to become an actress and had no experience in singing and dancing before joining Produce 101. Her company maintains that she will continue her training once she finishes promoting with the group. She had previously appeared on some artists' music videos, such as The Ark's "The Light". She ranked 5th in the finale.

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