Is A Comeback Brewing For Black Pink In The Upcoming Month?

Olivia Jung, May 15, 2017, 10 a.m.

Hold up. Did you say comeback!? A recent report suggests that YG Entertainment’s hottest girl group Black Pink is set to comeback in the upcoming month of June. This report was made by OSEN, which they received by a representative of YG Entertainment. 2017 has already been one for the books for YG Entertainment, as they saw comebacks from PSY, Sechskies, Big Bang, Akdong Musician, and WINNER! Black Pink made their official debut last year, in the month of August, which many call their debuts a very successful one. They have comparisons to former YG Entertainment girlgroup 2NE1.

Black Pink is currently consisted of 4 members in the likes of Jennie, Rose, Lisa, and last but not least, Jisoo. Since the debut of 2NE1, no other girl groups debuted under YG Entertainment. It took 7 years for Black Pink to finally be introduced following the debut of 2NE1. Black Pink has already achieved milestones, in the likes of millions of views on YouTube!

Are you excited for Black Pink’s comeback next month!?

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