Is Jackie Chan Getting in the K pop Game?

kpopluv, March 10, 2014, 10:57 a.m.

International star and martial artists Jackie Chan is preparing to enter the K pop industry with an all new boy band called JJCC.  Jackie Chan participated in all the stages of preparing for this group, such as discovering the members, training them, producing the album, and more.  The members themselves are all in their early 20s with an average height of 180 cm (~ 5 feet 11 inches); four of them are Korean while one member is Chinese.  

Their agency The Jackie Chan Group Korea said, "As JJCC was born through thorough planning under Jackie Chan's belief that only a merged Asia could conquer the world, you will be able to experience different content from that of existing idols. We have completed all the work for their official debut.  As we have sweated and shown passion for many years, we will do our best until the very end in order to have a first stage that will leave an impression on fans' minds."

They are expected to debut in March!  Stay tuned as Koogle TV brings you updates!

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