Is There a Romance Brewing Between KARA’s Youngji and GOT7’s Jackson on Roommate?

kpopluv, Nov. 17, 2014, 11:22 a.m.

Fans of the hit SBS reality variety show Roommate are beginning to speculate there may be a romance brewing between cast mates YoungJi of KARA and Jackson of GOT7.  Last week, Jackson became miffed when Youngji made a pointed reference to his short stature. It seems like he's still not over that comment, and although Lee Dong Wookattempted to get them to reconcile, it looks like the two of them still have some issues between them!

"I'm not good at Korean, I'm short, and I'm ugly. I know," Jackson said. "But I'm still over 170 centimeters, you know??" "We're purely a business relationship right now!" he said.  Check out the clip and let us know your thoughts!

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