It’s official, BTS Rap Monster changes name to RM

Samantha Diaz , Nov. 13, 2017, 3:51 p.m.

On BTS’s fan café, Rap Monster announced that he has officially changed his name to RM on November 13th.  There, he had written a statement by starting out by saying that he felt anxious for making his announcement. RM goes on by saying that he has been using that stage name for the past 5 years and that his agency grew accustomed to using after hearing it from a lyric he had written before debut. The change reflects on the growth RM wants to achieve within his music. He wants to create music within a different light without being stuck in one style of music. In introductions, he announces himself as Rap Mon or RM in order to shorten his introduction process.

ARMY has already known of the change after the rapper would sign his name as RM on multiple occasions. RM hopes that ARMY would be open-minded to the change and accept the new Rap Monster as RM. 

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