IU receives a special gift from G-Dragon!

Yumi Kim , Dec. 12, 2017, 2:54 p.m.

It appears that IU received a very special gift from Big Bang’s G-Dragon! I guess you can say it is one of a kind. On December 12, IU shared a video and some photos on her Instagram showing off the unique and customized gift from G-Dragon. It turns out that the iconic idol customized IU’s ‘Palette’ album. G-Dragon handmade the gift himself. The photos show the album painted in red and with a giant ‘25’ to represent her age. The inside of the album had colorful drawings and art created by our very own G-Dragon.

Prior to the gift, G-Dragon made a special guest appearance at one of IU’s concerts in Seoul. During the concert, IU did mention that she received a surprise gift from him and thanked him for joining her for her song. She stated, "He (G-Dragon) purchased my album and took the time to customize the exterior and interior sides of the album.  There is even lacquer coating and stickers on it.  This is so pretty.  Is it okay for me to even have this wonderful gift?"


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G-Dragon also commented, "Since I received a gift from IU first, I thought I should do something special for her as well.  And her album is 'Palette' so I decided to create something that fit the title."

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