IU Shows Off Her Natural Beauty with “Marie Claire” Photoshoot

Nicholas Kim, Nov. 18, 2015, 10:34 a.m.

IU is stepping forward to show everyone that she is all grown up now for the December cover and photoshoot of “Marie Claire” magazine! She shows her class and poise with the black and white cover photo, as well as with her style and grace in the colorful pages of the magazine. This month’s issue of “Marie Claire” pushes the concept of “fab winter fashion”, and that is exactly what IU delivers.


IU looks like a porcelain doll with her milky white features, as well as the delicate lacy clothing she wears for the photoshoot. During her interview IU showed a very real-world view of herself as she showed a depth to herself by saying, "I'm in the process of becoming the real IU by adding together the good days and the not so good days I've had."

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