IU thanks her fans for the birthday surprise, despite accidentally dropping the cake

Jun Ko, May 20, 2019, 11:33 a.m.

On May 17th, IU was surprised with a special birthday event during her stage at the Yonsei University festival! Since then, she become a hot topic amongst netizens due to cute moments that occurred during the birthday event. 

The festival planners of the festival had prepared a birthday cake and a video to celebrate her birthday, which was the day before (May 16th). The audience joined in on the celebration by singing 'Happy Birthday'. However, an accident occured during the song as IU's birthday cake dropped onto the floor after sliding off the box she was holding. She apologized to the audience for the accident, to which the audience responded with an 'It's okay' chant. 

IU still showed appreciation for the cake by eating a bit of the icing that she swiped with her finger while the stage crew were cleaning up the fallen confectionery. She also mentioned the small accident on Instagram after the event ended: "Even though the cake ended up on the stage floor, I will cherish the flower bouquet I received. I was the happiest singer in the world today." 

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