IZ*ONE Fans Upset with HKT48 Members Attendance of HKT48 Concert

BanSeok Shin, Dec. 3, 2018, 3:51 p.m.

Some IZ*ONE fans are upset with a couple of the group members for attending a concert for their original group. Members Miyawaki Sakura and Yabuki are taking heat from fans for planning to attend and participate in HKT48's concert for the group's seventh anniversary. Fans voiced their disatisfaction after Japanese idol group HKT48, the group that the two girls were a part of before joining IZ*ONE, announced yesterday that the girls would be participating in the concert. Fans are upset because IZ*ONE members have promised to soley promote for and focus on IZ*ONE during the short couple of years that the group is together. This is expected at multiple temporary idol groups similar to IZ*ONE (temporary groups created from reality shows and formed from members already parts of other groups or agencies) also had to do the same. Fans are worried that not focusing solely on the group hand participating in the original groups will hurt IZ*ONE's production and success, and breaks the promise to the fans of focusing on IZ*ONE promotions.

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