IZ*ONE's Kim Min Ju agency warns against malicious rumors, comments, etc.

Rachel Kim , Feb. 19, 2020, 9:39 a.m.

On February 18, IZ*ONE's Kim Min Ju's label, Urban Works released a statement warning against malicious rumors and comments. The label said, "Due to recent occurrences of malicious rumors, false truths, and posts containing sexual harassment made by a select number of netizens and spread online via various online platforms, our artist as well as her family and close acquaintances are also suffering from significant mental damages." 

They added, "We notify that we will soon be taking strict legal action without settlement against these malicious rumors, unsupported by evidence and created with ill-intentions, in order to protect the most basic rights of our artist."

Lastly, the agency asked Kim Min Ju's fans for help; to collect any evidence of malicious commenters. 

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