J-Hope's 'Airplane' soars high in the sky

Jun Ko, March 6, 2018, 3:44 p.m.

A new MV from J-Hope's mixtape has just been dropped! 'Airplane' is the second track from the mixtape to have an MV, the first being 'Daydream'. The MV for 'Daydream' followed its title by providing with a dream-like approach with bright colors, but 'Airplane' goes the opposite approach by being filmed in building structures with the colors running a bit on the cooler side of the spectrum. The more grounded concept of the MV makes the story behind the song shine even brighter; the song 'Airplane' expresses his desire to fly and touch the sky. 

With the story behind the song and the gorgeous sights that the MV provides, it's no wonder that it gained a lot of love from his fans. The hashtag '#Airplane' has currently been trending worldwide on Twitter, numerous fans expressing their love for the MV and the track. 

Have you seen his new MV yet?

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