J Wide Company releases official announcement regarding Han Ji Sun's assault

Jun Ko, May 23, 2019, 5:48 p.m.

Back in September, Han Ji Sun physically and verbally assaulted a taxi driver; it was reported that she had gotten into the passenger seat and had proceeded to get violent while exclaiming that the driver wasn't going where she wanted. 

The violence she exhibited continued even when she was escorted to the police station; it was said that she assaulted two officers, having slapped one across the face and bitten and kicked another. She ended up being fined for 5 million KRW (~4,196 USD) as well as received an year of probation. 

On May 23rd, Channel A released an interview with the assaulted taxi driver 'A'. They revealed that, "She immediately started swearing and getting violent. She didn't just speak informally to me, she also cursed at me." Additionally, 'A' revealed that they had yet to receive an apology from Han Ji Sun: "It's very upsetting to have someone that's younger than my own children behave in the matter towards me." 

Her label J Wide Company released an official announcement after Channel A's report on the incident: "Hello, this is J Wide Company. We would like to first give our apologies for creating concern towards Han Ji Sun's incident. We became aware of this event through the media a bit prior to the confirmation request. We were able to confirm that Han Ji Sun was questioned by the police last year, regarding an argument with a taxi driver. She has been diligently fulfilling the legal responsibilities that were assigned to her. 

She had admitted her wrongful actions without excuses, deeply repenting and reflecting on herself due to the incident. As to not cause a bigger stir, we will be minding our words and actions. We show great remorse and offer our sincere apology for causing concern to many people. We also acknowledge our failure and will reflect deeply as a management company. 

We will prevent this from happening again by working hard with all the company's executives and employees. We once again bow our heads and give our sincere apology to everyone." 

They additionally explained that Han Ji Sung was currently reflecting on her actions and had wanted to apologize to the taxi driver, but couldn't due to the lack of contact information. 

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