J-Yo Splits from Lucky J to Make Solo Debut as Artist Jero

Ben Cho, Aug. 11, 2016, 7:57 a.m.

J-Yo of hip-hop group Lucky J will be making his debut as a solo artist named Jero! On August 11th, Jero revealed the electronic bass track ‘Airplane’ featuring fellow hip hop artist Giriboy and the slow jam track ‘Into My Car’. It looks like Jero left Lucky J and no longer would be going by the name J-Yo. Lucky J member Jessi then cheered on Jero with her very own shoutout!


Jessi posted, "My dongseng J-yo is now Jero releasing a new song! I'm proud that he's leaving Lucky J to pursue his own music! It's now your turn! Please give Jero lots of love!" Watch the music video for ‘Airplane’ below!

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