Jackson Gives Netizens a Laugh with His Reaction to JYP's Collaboration Stage with Hwa Sa

Jay Yim, Dec. 5, 2019, 12:32 p.m.

GOT7's Jackson is cracking people up with his viral reaction to JYP's recent MAMA collaboration performance with Mamamoo's Hwa Sa.

Jackson looked comically horrified at the sight of his label head who was rocking some plastic material pants, and dancing provocatively on stage with Hwa Sa. The viral reaction is quickly gaining popularity. Check out his reaction down below.

Here are some of what netizens are commenting:

"The expression is so vivid haha."

"I laughed so much watching this. That was a dream plastic pants collaboration."

"That was my expression too."

"I can relate to Jackson's expression so much."

Let us know what you thought of JYP and Hwa Sa's performance, and Jackson's hilarious reaction to it.

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