Jaejin from F.T. Island Looking Cool in 'Sure' Photoshoot

cycle, June 20, 2015, 12:56 p.m.

Jaejin recently showed off his classy charm in the newest photoshoot for 'Sure' magazine. The black and white photos he appears in help set the mood to complement the melancholic and serious atmosphere. At the same time, the photos aren't so dark, and softly pulls you in with his boyish charms. 

In the recent interview, he gave us some updates about the status of his web drama that's planned for release very soon. He stated, "I recently finished filming for the web drama 'Suck Up'. It was my first acting production after the sitcom 'Unstoppable Wedding', so I was nervous and anxious."

It's been a while since the airing of his sitcom 'Unstoppable Weding,' but it's a relief to hear that he'll be starring in a video production soon.

You can check out some of the released photos of his photoshoot below!

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