Jaejoong From JYJ Was Afraid Of What In The Military!?

Heather Cheong, July 21, 2017, 9:59 a.m.

What exactly was JYJ's Jaejoong afraid of during the mandatory military enlistment? Recently Jaejoon was featured on the fashion and lifestyle magazine '@star1', in which he was featured for an interview along with a photo shoot. In the interview segment of the featuring, Jaejoong expressed his concerns in regards to his military service. He claimed that he was fearful that he might be forgotten during his military service. 

Because of the fact that South Korea's mandatory military service nears 2 years, it is difficult for celebrities to not have these concerns in the back of their heads. Jaejoong is set to be starring in an upcoming KDrama 'Manhole' 

Are you excited for Jaejoong's comeback to the industry!?

Check out the pictures below!

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