Jaejoong Goes To SNS To Tell TVXQ Fans To Have Faith

Michelle Cho, May 4, 2017, 10:03 a.m.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? Recently, JYJ’s very own Jaejoong went to social media to reveal a very vague, yet intriguing Instagram post. The content of the post highlighted Jaejoong’s tattoo which read TVXQ, while also captioning the post as “keep_the_faith”. Fans are all wondering what the motive of Jaejoong’s post had been. “#keep_the_faith” had always been Jaejoong’s personal slogan, however it’s also a saying for the fans for the TVXQ fans!

What do you actually think by this post? Is there a potential comeback in the brewing for the boys? Whatever it means, we hope to keep the faith for the boys!


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