Jaekyung discloses Sulli's secret knee makeup on 'Get It Beauty'

No1uKnow, June 12, 2014, 10:29 a.m.

On the June 11 broadcast of On Style's 'Get It Beauty', Rainbow's Jaekyung shares the secret of a female idol memebers knee makeup technique. 

It was revealed that the appearance of the knee is a key physical sign of aging. Jaekyung said, "When women wear a dress or short clothing items, livening up the knee line makes their legs look a lot prettier. I've obtained special information for this."

Amping up excitement and curiosity, Jaekyung whispered, "Among the idols... It's a female idol... I heard this from her make up artist. They even put makeup on the knees. I heard that f(x)'s Sulli puts makeup on her knee on stage to obtain a pinkish glow. Isn't it so pretty?" and gestured at some pictures.

She then shared the method to accomplish a more vivacious knee look, "I've learned the method for Sulli's knee makeup. It's very easy. First, you put on a pink cream-type blush around the bone and then you complete it with a pink powder-type blush."

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