Jang Eun Hong replaces Seolhyun as cellphone commercial model

Rachel Ahn, Nov. 3, 2016, 9:47 a.m.

Jang Eun-hong has taken the baton from K-pop group AOA’s Seolhyun as a cellphone commercial model, regarding which she gave an interview in the latest episode of “Entertainment Weekly” on Saturday.

Jang said she was not aware at the time she took the deal that it was such a significant stint. She was offered the role while working as a makeup artist for actor Oh Dal-su.

“I thought it was just another part-time job,” Jang said. “It’s still awkward for me to watch myself on TV.”

Jang had never been an actress, singer or model.

On “Entertainment Weekly,” Jang reenacted her poses from the commercial -- the same Seolhyun had done before. 

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