Jangbori Villainess Lee Yoo Ri Gets Yelled At By Passer By While Filming

kpopluv, Sept. 26, 2014, 10:37 a.m.

Korean drama Jangbori’s villainess Lee Yoo Ri is in the spotlight these days not only for her performance on the hit drama, but also for an incident that recently occurred while filming for the drama.  Actress Lee Yoo Ri, who plays the villain Yeon Min Jung, was particularly shocked when a passenger in a passing bus yelled at her, "That evil bitch," while she was filming a scene. A video of the incident, which is currently trending on Youtube in South Korea.

On September 24, MBC broadcasted an interview with Lee Yoo Ri regarding the incident. When asked for her thoughts about being sworn at, the actress replied, "It was my first time being cursed at in person.  In the past, I was complimented as a kind person, but now I think I went from the nation's daughter-in-law to the nation's villain."

Despite her new, negative image, Lee Yoo Ri does not seem any less confident in acting out her role as she said, "These days, the viewers are very exact.  Even if you're a villain, they like it when you do it properly not when you do it sloppily."

She was asked about the reactions from people around her.  "I've been told that my acting transformation was done well," Lee Yoo Ri said, proud that she was able to showcase her versatile acting abilities. She continued, "However, I've also heard people say they're worried that this [villainous] image might harden. There are people who ask me to take on a nice role next time."

Whether or not Lee Yoo Ri decides to take on a kinder role next time, she has definitely left an impression on the nation with her depiction of Yeon Min Jung, an ambitious woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even if it means turning away from her own mother.

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