Japanese fans' parody video of Big Bang's airport fanservice habits goes viral

Jun Ko, Feb. 8, 2019, 10:31 a.m.

A parody video of Big Bang is going viral! Japanese fans of Big Bang shared a (quite accurate) portrayal of Big Bang's airport fanservice habits back on February 4th, the tweet reading, "Please share this so that our love for Big Bang will reach all of Japan." 

The clip showed Big Bang fans cosplaying as each member and imitating their mannerisms. 'Taeyang' started off the video by demonstrating a cool and straightforward vibe; when it came to fanservice, he coolly walked up to the fans and gave a brief handshake. 'Seungri' followed up second with a simple wave, being distracted by his phone. 'Daesung' came third, giving a polite bow and a bright wave. 'G-Dragon' was fourth; his fanservice opposed his strong fashion with a shy two-handed wave. 'TOP' concluded the video with his robotic walk and a twitch of his head as he passed by. 

If you're a Big Bang fan, you're sure to get a laugh at the accurate portrayal of Big Bang from these fans!

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