Jay Park named best artist at hip-hop awards

Angela Jung, Feb. 28, 2017, 10:01 a.m.

Jay Park was picked as the best artist of the year at the Korean Hiphop Awards. The rapper, who is under the record label AOMG, was one of six nominees that included BewhY, Nucksal, Beenzino, Huckleberry P and Dean. 

“Jay Park has shown the full potential of his musical talent faster and smarter than anyone else,” said an official from the awards. “Thank you to all the fans,” said Jay Park via Instagram, uploading a picture of the award ceremony. “I really put my blood and sweat and tears into this. Thank you for the recognition and acknowledgement.” 

“Everything You Wanted,” Jay Park’s first album released last year, was well received on the iTunes R&B music charts in 12 countries. 

Music critics, reporters and hip-hop magazine editors were involved in choosing the winner of the award. 

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