Jay Park Talks To Fans At ‘EVOLUTION’ Showcase

kimcheezy, Sept. 3, 2014, 10:56 a.m.

During Jay Parks ‘EVOLUTION’ showcase held on September 2nd at Lotte Card Art Center, He talked with his fans about his path as a musician and the up’s and downs he’s gone through to be performing at where he’s at.

Jay Park quoted, "Thank you for having interest when I'm greeting you for the first time in a while through this album.  This album has the meaning of evolution in it to signify that there has been an evolution and development when comparing this album to past songs. I wanted to be a professional rapper since I was young.  However, the genres I had always listened to were hip hop and R&B.  My whole life is hip hop, but I was frustrated because I was not becoming well known in that area.  I was frustrated because I was only seen through my idol roots and past situations rather than through my true self.  I wanted to show that I was a person who did this kind of music and that I had the skills. Honestly, I was not that good at music at first.  When listening to my past songs, I seemed very lacking.  My skills in hip hop and R&B were lacking, but I think people acknowledged me for my passion and my cool and diligent image."

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