Jazz up any ordinary late night desserts with these 5 tips!

Songee Kim, Sept. 30, 2016, 5:01 p.m.

If you're a dessert aficionado like me, you would probably never expect to see the day when you'd actual become bored of desserts. Yes, that's right - at times, I find the at-home desserts pretty blasé. I mean, if I'm binge-watching Netflix or the latest K-drama, and a trendy dessert spot isn't quite accessible at 1:00 AM, what's a girl to do?

The good news is that simple, at-home desserts can be just as good as the Instagram-worthy hot spots in LA, as long as you have the right additions to top them off! Below are some simple, easily accessible additions you can make to your boring desserts that'll give it just the right touch to make it onto your foodie blog.

1. Chocopie milkshake

Jazz up any milkshake with a piece of #Chocopie for a dollop of chocolatey goodness! . . ⭐️ : @quangvinh

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Blend half of a chocopie with either your chocolate or cookies & cream shake, then add the other half as garnish for an extra sweet treat!

2. Chic Choc ice cream sandwich

You worked hard to get that bikini body. now treat yourself to a little #chicchoc cookie by the beach! ⭐️ : @co.gahing

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Ice cream sandwiches are always the best when the cookies that surround the ice cream are yummy! Place a scoop of ice cream between two Chic Choc cookies for a petite ice cream sandwich that's good for uh.. portion control?

3. Waffle Mate sundae

If you can't decide between eating a waffle cone or a sundae, have the best of both worlds by adding buttery Waffle Mate cookies to your sundae! Arrange them in a cute bowl and add some sprinkles for that perfect Instagram shot!

4. Pepero coffee

If you're more of an after-dinner coffee drinker instead of dessert, add a little pep to black coffee by adding sticks of Pepero! They work as a stir, sweetener, and a light dessert on the side for your coffee.

5. Hunk of man candy + ice cream

요새 나보고 설렌다는 사람이 많길래 감사의 의미. 사진제목 : 나도

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Okay, we cheated on this one. BUT, if you're not much of a dessert person, you can always share some simple 'Snow Ice' with your man candy, then snuggle up to keep warm~

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